Haiku # 13

pretty glass, front door

creaking and popping

sun warms glass in the wood door

morning comes again


Have you ever heard weird popping noises come from your door at around 8am or 9am? Or how about as the sun goes down around 7pm?  The sun is so powerful and hot, that it warms the glass panels in your doors, and causes them to expand as it warms up everything else in the world.  Then when the sun goes down, they cool and make noises as they contract.  The wood does too.

I hear that every morning, because my door faces East, and it always amazes me that the sun is that powerful when it’s so far away.  Kind of like God- way up in space; you get glimpses but you don’t ever really get to sit and stare at it.  You feel the warmth and know it’s there, but you don’t really see it.


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