Haiku #10

marker drawing

letting go of old

friends slip through my fingertips

artwork in the trash

Oops! No kigo, so this poem is senryu.


3 thoughts on “Haiku #10

  1. Actually that is a good suggestion. The way you have it written, there is a sentence and a fragment, which is how your are supposed to write your haiku. I’m not going to change it, because I think however your haiku is written the first time you write it, it should stay like that. If you re-write it days or weeks later you have lost or forgotten the feelings you had when you wrote it. But feel free to tell me your thoughts!


    • That’s fair enough. I always rewrite mine, especially if I can improve the poem. Even if it takes away from the original intention. Foe me I’m not so precious on leaving the original intent intact, it’s all about the poem in itself, and conveying an image.of course!


  2. I like this one. But can I be so bold as to offer a suggestion? I would write it like this:

    letting go
    old friends slip through my fingers
    art in the trash

    I’m not meaning to be mean, I’m just offering a suggestion. Which I find is hard to do as people often take offence. No offence intended. Great image! Probably is senryu.


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