Give Me What I Need

Give Me What I Need

Give me the words God give me the knowledge

Give me understanding that I may reach them

And help turn them from their path of death

And put them on Your path of life

Help me to sound reassuring

Help me to show your grace and mercy

Give me patience and divine understanding

So that I may help heal their hurts

Please let me not be a broken record

Help me to be fresh and new

So that they will take notice and wonder

Let them wonder at Your words of wisdom

Let my mouth speak the truth

Moses asked for help

And maybe I need an Aaron too

Please Lord, give me what I need

So that I may help others

I thought I would take a break and give you guys something different to read.  I have written over 270 poems, and most of them are like this one. What do you think?

A lot of my poems started out as prayers to God, or thoughts about the Bible passage I had just read. What are some of your thoughts on trying to reach people for God?



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