It has been six months today, so I thought it would be appropriate to share this now.

I wrote these after the May 22nd Tornado went through Joplin Missouri.  I feel awkward writing about something that didn’t really happen to me (I live in a small town near Joplin) but I know that I wasn’t the only non-Joplin resident to be deeply affected by the destruction.  And writing is how I process the world and what I am going through….so…like it or not…here ya go.



Alone, tears falling down

Struggling to see where God is

It’s hard to see Him

When He has us

Enclosed in His palm


Faith Comes In

Faith comes in

It winds its way across the ground

Past the rubble

Even when there are tears

Tears and blood smearing our faces

Faith pops up

Suddenly light breaks on us

We can see the sun in the sky

The rain stops

And we know its okay

Life goes on and we are alive

We stand up

Survey the damage

Then we spread the hope to others


I Picked Up Debris Today

I picked up debris today,

from out of the yard.

Nondescript pieces of paper,

pieces of plastic, shingles and more plastic.

I tried to figure out where the plastic came from.

My mind did not want to accept

that it came from Joplin.

Did the tornado really come that close?

Is the wreckage really that widespread?

Insulation covers most of it

and I am not missing any shingles from my roof.

No, this is not just a piece of plastic in my hand.

This is a piece of someone’s broken home.

I tell myself not to be dramatic, this can’t be

from a home in Joplin.

But I realize I am trying to distance

myself from the damage.

I don’t want pieces of someone’s broken home in my yard.

But here it lies with the shingles that have no roof.

© May 27, 2011 by Symanntha Renn


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