My bones call to me.

so tired

my bones call to me

stop moving

snow on the deck, snow in flower pot, snow in planter, dead middle of winter

As winter approaches, I know many of you actually “feel” it.  And not in a “I’m so spiritual and in tune with nature” way either.  Your joints are stiffening and your bones are cracking and hurting.  I feel for you, I have back problems myself.  I do not have arthritis, and I cannot feel it when the pressure or temperature drops, but I know some of you can.  Here is a poem written about those feelings.


Another Day in the School of Pain

I wish my body didn’t fail so often

I wish I could get through the day

Without sharp twinges in my back

With no reminder of my imperfections

The headaches make it hard to concentrate

The pain coursing down my spinal cord

Makes me doubly annoyed at everything

It is hard to find joy on days like this

Accommodate the pain and learn

As our learning time here is short

There are so many lessons in The Pain

This is what God is trying to tell us

Like it or not mountains crumble down

Death is another lesson to be learned

Mind numbing pain teaches us to be grateful

For we are becoming better in mind

If not in body

©Symanntha Renn


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