My little Boy

hat on backwards

pedaling backwards

my little boy


Some people try to make their kids look and act perfect all of the time.  I gave that up long ago.  Letting your children play however they want, in whatever style they want, fosters confidence and creativity.  Don’t put a lot of stress on them before you need to.  Let them be little.
It is also a lot more fun for you, if you just encourage their silliness and play along.  There will be plenty of days in the future where you will need to lay down rules and guidelines.  For today, just be happy to have a child that can giggle and run and jump.  Find that peace; you will be a better parent for doing so.



Something out of grasp,

Something I cannot reach with my hand,

but with my heart.

For my soul needs peace,

Peace that only love can bring.



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