Celebrate World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day.  I hope you are celebrating by reading poetry that you like, or by writing your own. Maybe you are even going to take the plunge and submit somewhere. Well, I thought I would celebrate by posting something that was special to me. I know that a lot of poets, especially today’s poets, have written about the submissions process and especially about being rejected. Well, here’s mine. It belongs to all of you poets going through the process. Good luck! I hope you like it.

hedge apples, trees

Forgotten Fruit or the process of submitting writing


The grey day

makes the yellow-green fruit

stand out to my eye.

It is bright colored,


yet forgotten and rejected.

The hedge apple.

A complex and yet unwanted apple.

Bears the name of a fruit,

but it is considered inedible.

Is used instead

to chase away bugs.

What an insult.

The poor hedge apple.

So beautifully wrought

left to rot on the table.

Its beauty unnoticed.


I would love for my readers to leave comments and tell me about how they’re doing.
Where are you at in your journey?
Feel free to brag about getting published here!

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