reminding us of that night


rubble still stands

reminding us of that night

no new homes yet

There are several new homes in Joplin and Duenweg Missouri. Some of them are very beautiful (I wrote this about 5 months ago when passing through a certain part of town).

But there are still spots in Joplin Missouri that look like the tornado hit yesterday. It’s still heartbreaking to drive through them. The fact that the City of Joplin was able to get a school up and running for their students in time for the next school year is amazing. The fact that so many businesses are up and running is wonderful and amazing. The fact that the temporary hospital was put up so quickly and works so well is a blessing.

I am so proud of my community and the way everyone has worked together to make Joplin able to provide for its citizens and support its citizens. I think we have shown the country what it means to live in The Heartland and in The Bible Belt. The love, support and generosity that has flowed forth from neighbors and from those directly effected by the May 22nd Tornado shows you what kind of people live in and near Joplin Missouri.

There were many states that helped Joplin after it was hit by the tornado, as far away as New York. Other states that knew what Missouri was going through, like Alabama and Mississippi, sent help and support. Every single shirt and bottle of water was appreciated.

We are not done, Joplin still has a lot of rebuilding to do, but it looks great so far.

I believe that Joplin will come back more beautiful and blessed than before.


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