Acrostic Friday #7

how Christ bridged the old and new testaments

This is another geat page from my Bible.











This is the last Acrostic Friday, but make sure to come back! I will have a formal poem next Friday.

After this 30 Day Challenge is over I am going to begin a new series on Wednesdays.

I really thought about the words I choose for this poem. I thought about them carefully, consulting the dictionary and thesaurus. “Nice” may seem like a common word and it’s not a ‘punchy’ word to end on- but I think it was important that I used it. Because that is what the majority of our rules, or laws, boil down to as a Christian.

Love is what Christianity is about, but there is no L in Christian.

Is there a word up there that you don’t think belongs?

Is there a word that you think would have fit better? 


Share your thoughts on this piece.

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