~Wandering Wednesday~ Storm Coming In

rain on house


Storm Coming In

Like a deer
I can smell the rain
Before it gets here
I feel the electricity building
Looking up at the sky I see
The clouds have darkened
Sunny blue is giving way to
Brooding blue
Even the sky is tired of the heat
It voices its annoyance
Through claps of thunder
And cloud to ground lightning
The tension has gotten so thick
That even the sky
Can’t stand it anymore
There has been too much death
Too many ruined crops
Someone had to give us
Some relief
So the sky cried on us
For a moment

Written during the worst drought, since the Dust Bowl which was in the 1930’s.

Heat/temperature records are being broken all across the United States. How is the heat affecting you?


7 thoughts on “~Wandering Wednesday~ Storm Coming In

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  2. Hi,Symanntha, I’ve heard that all the crops have been reduced by dramatic numbers. I’ve seen videos of the corn stubs in corn fields all turned brown. It’s been a devastating year for so many and many will suffer for years from the losses incurred.

    I have heard that the currents in the Pacific Ocean have changed (El Nino is supposed to be forming) and they expect it will change some of the worst of these patterns. But all around the world there have been dreadful weather events…. and summer is supposed to be a healing time from winter, so I’m just praying we all get through the coming winter season.

    To write about thirst is to write about the human condition. You have a lifetime to perfect that poetry it’s true. You’ve begun with a good understanding….. thanks for being you.


    • It has been forever since I’ve heard anyone talk about El Niño. We definitely need a change in our weather!
      Thank you for commenting Merrill, it means a lot! May God bless you and keep you well.


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