A Poem for fellow poets.

scriblings in journal

Editing for Publication


I have murdered my darlings,

The stain will never leave my hands.

They are soaked with the

Blood of my poetry.

Cauterizing as I cut

I hack through arteries

Hoping the body will be better.

I wrap it in gauze

And send it to bed.

Haven’t I hacked away enough

Of my beautiful words?

When will Frankenstein’s Monster

Have been through enough

To indeed LIVE.

I don’t want to do more surgery,

I can’t bear to lift the scalpel again.

Please find beauty in this one.


This is another poem that I am dedicating to my fellow poets.

It is National Poetry Month here in the US. Will you be writing a poem every day? Will you write a poem at all, or only read some? How will you be celebrating or teaching about this month?


One thought on “A Poem for fellow poets.

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