Storm Haiku

storm clouds rain clouds

a change in
the voice of the wind
rain is coming


I can sometimes tell if rain is coming by the smell in the air and the sound the wind makes. It is indescribable, like “makoto” the sincerity, or poetic truth, for which a haiku poet strives.

Have you ever noticed that sound?


4 thoughts on “Storm Haiku

  1. No, but I’d like to–it sounds beautiful. Usually, when the rain arrives, I just say to myself: Oh, so that’s why my bones are aching more than usual today (dang it)! Okay, so sometimes I don’t say “dang.”


    • My mom was just complaining about her legs! We are due for storms. She can feel it move in too. When your legs get like that, you can step outside on the porch and smell there is a difference in the wind.


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