A post for the creative types.


How many words are left in me

How long until I’m all I can be

When will the rhyme run out

When will the course have run its route

When will words no longer come to mind

When will my heart be blind

I think all people worry about this whether you write novels, flash fiction or poetry, or if you run a graphic designer business or blog.
drawing of artist's brain
photo credit: The Graphics Fairy


8 thoughts on “A post for the creative types.

  1. I agree with Melody. Far more often my mind is stuffed with things I want to write –HAVE TO write before I die. Your graphic is too true to my life, too. There are no sections for Dust, Wash Walls, Clean oven, Declutter or Cook.


  2. I doubt I’ll ever run out of words–not bragging, not saying they’re all prize-worthy or memorable–I just have an eternal fountain inside me. It gives me pleasure to write, even if only a handful of people show up to read. And I agree with what Melody told you–you’ve inspired and taught me on more than a few occasions. God bless you, dear heart.


    • I feel bad sometimes because I often go a month without writing a new poem. I wish I could write one everyday. I did that during April last year, and it was so hard. Sometimes I think I should give up because I’m not good enough, but then an awesome line will roll through my head… And I pick up a pen…


      • Don’t you dare ever think you’re not good enough! And – I think you should take off the line on your blog that says you are ‘trying to be a poet’ or something like that – because if you write poetry, you ARE a poet! Never short-change yourself, Symanntha. You ARE a POET, whether you write one poem a month or 50. A poet is one who writes poetry – and does this not include you? Embrace who you are. Celebrate! Allow yourself the permission to name your gift and claim it as a birth-right! And then, pick up that pen…


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