Rewind on Wandering Wednesday

tree branches

People Here

People here aren’t very kind

They don’t keep their opinions in their mind

Most will say what they think

Their opinions will make you drink

People here can be real sweet

Their the kindest people you can hope to meet

Just don’t step on their feet

People here are lots of fun

Their jokes are intended as a pun

They can laugh and giggle all day long

And even ‘til the break of dawn

People here aren’t very many

But for your thoughts they’ll give a penny

There aren’t many mouths to spread the word

But believe me, it’ll be heard

People here don’t like each other

Not their sister, son or brother

To strangers they can be nice

But let me give you some advice

Be careful what you tell the people here

Or life will become your biggest fear


I wrote this in High School. Can you feel the teenage angst?


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