Another reject on Wandering Wednesday

small flame

Compulsive Giver

Why do I bother? Why do I try?
Giving pieces of myself away,
for people to hold,
only to have those fragile pieces
smashed to bits in front of me.
My head is bloody
from hitting it against the wall
in this futile task.
I try so hard to be considerate-
only to find
that no one considered my feelings.
Why do I have this,
this need!?
This compulsion
to give myself away,
when no one out there
finds me worth receiving.
I give away my clothes,
pots and pans,
food, prayers,
the very core of my soul!
Only to be told,
β€œThanks anyway.”

This is another poem of mine that I have been trying to get published. It is kind of ironic that it is a rejected poem.

How is your week going?


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