A Mirrored Cinquain

couple figurine, couple statue, Home by Willow

Marriage Cinquain

that is the name
of my chosen partner,
who works hard for me every day,
I am his other half, helping hand,
the wife that cares for his
son and his home;


Here is the newest cinquain that I am brave enough to show you. What do you think?
It is a mirrored cinquain. I reformed these two.

life partner
strong and sure
my love for life

Helping hand
Works all day
Always there for me


8 thoughts on “A Mirrored Cinquain

  1. It is unclear how well Crapsey understood the complexities of the haiku and tanka traditions beyond metrical considerations, but one might surmise that the juxtaposition, compression, and restraint found in her cinquains represents partly the influence of these Japanese forms on her own.


  2. While there are a number of patterns discernible in cinquains of the old school, as well as newer poems, besides the line-counts of stresses and syllables, the only original rule was that the poem should build through the 4th line and “fall back” on the 5th line. The “fall back” is similar in meaning to the “turn” between the last part of a sonnet and what comes before, and similar turns in other forms. Think of the kireji (cutting word) in haiku – not the same thing, but conceptually related. It remains to be seen if modern cinquains must have such a turn, but anyone seeking to emulate the original first stage form should surely attempt to include such a feature.


  3. Oh WOW I love it! Love the sentiment particularly, but the form is impressive too. I may have to give it a try, okay? God bless you and your husband BIG–love, sis Caddo


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