Walking on Wandering Wednesday

pea ridge arkansas, path, foot path

Walking the Path

I am seeking Your glory Lord

I am seeking to find

Your way, Your will, Your path for me

I seek Your face and Your holiness

I seek the better way

For thus far my path has been fraught

With thistles thorns, puddles and plagues

I have slipped into deep dark holes

Only to find my way back out by Your light

Your shining light, ever breaking through the darkness

As I sat wet, cold and shivering

Your fire came into my soul

And lit me up

I was warm, comforted and unafraid

I found a rock, a solid place on which to stand

The demons of the night bother me no more

You have closed my ears to their cries

I am filled with Your love for me

And I will trample the scorpions

Onward I go until I meet my journey’s end



I’m seeking the path that the Lord would have me follow. I think I’ve found it for now. How are you doing?


2 thoughts on “Walking on Wandering Wednesday

  1. WOW, this is so good–beautifully written, and expresses perfectly my experience (both in the past, and as recently as Yesterday!). I don’t doubt that I’ve found His path–the proof is often in the frequent warfare, as well as the blessings and victories. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


    • I’m glad to hear this resonates with you. Something I try to keep in mind is: the devil only bothers those who are doing things for The Lord. If you’re not accomplishing anything he doesn’t need to worry about you.


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