A haiku about Gardening.

Gardening exercise, June 6

dirt under my nails

grass on my pants

flowers in the ground



That is a good way to end the day. Did you know that today is National Gardening Exercise Day? It is a great way to exercise. I wrote a cinquain about that three weeks ago.

Did you know that working in a flowerbed is good exercise?


3 thoughts on “A haiku about Gardening.

  1. The budding of American haiku Precisely who qualifies as the first American haiku poet depends on one’s definition of haiku. Individualistic “haiku-like” verses by the innovative Buddhist poet and artist Paul Reps (1895-1990) appeared in print as early as 1939 (More Power to You – Poems Everyone Can Make, Preview Publications, Montrose CA.). Other Westerners inspired by Blyth’s translations attempted original haiku in English, though again generally failing to understand the principles behind the verse form, which in Blyth is predominantly the more challenging hokku rather than the later and more free-form haiku. The resulting verses, including those of the Beat period, were often little more than the brevity of the haiku form combined with current ideas of poetic content, or uninformed attempts at “Zen” poetry. Nonetheless these experimental verses expanded the popularity of haiku in English, which while never making much of an impact on the literary world, has nonetheless proved very popular as a system of introducing students to poetry in elementary schools and as a hobby for numerous amateur writers who continue the innovation and experimentation that is the legacy of Shiki’s reforms.


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