Day 7 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 7 is Love

I thought about this for most of the morning. How do I take a picture of love that no one else has done? Should I take a picture of a thing? We were in the car for a lot of the day and I was thinking about taking a picture of my son with his grandma. We went to my mom’s house today, but stopped to pick up lunch at KFC. Then we were sitting in line at McDonald’s, after going to KFC, and my husband was complaining about the line and how we shouldn’t have bothered to go get my son a Happy Meal. I just smiled because that is something parents do. We go to McDonald’s when we know the line is going to be long, and the service crappy, just to make our kids happy.

in line, qued up, in line at McDonalds, McD's, ordering



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