A quote about artists.

I think you’re an artist because you have to be an artist. I don’t think it’s ever been easy.

-Literary Agent George Borchardt



Do you feel the need to create?


2 thoughts on “A quote about artists.

  1. Perhaps everyone feels the need to create? An exec maybe looks at the sales graph and feels the need to create more sales so he can see the line rise; a builder needs to see the structure go up. Some express their creativity in quality workmanship.

    IMO, the artist in us will always find some outlet. I live among folks who frown on spending time writing, especially “silly stories” so very few aspire to writing a book, but a lot of youthful creativity is directed into writing music and singing — highly valued skills. Older women create beautiful yards and/or decorative food.

    Some societies value decorative arts (the Italians for one), while others (i.e. the Scots & Irish) value storytelling and writing. Some frown on “outward adornments” so men put their creative side into inventing things that make money, while their women express themselves in housework — or their gardens — or the beautiful quilts they piece. When most people value the same artistic expression we call it “their culture.”

    People born into that culture who want to express themselves differently usually do have to swim upstream and be frowned on by their peers. A lot may abandon the effort, but I suspect most of the progress made in this old world came about because someone persisted in swimming upstream. The life if Louis Braille is a perfect example.


    • I think you are absolutely right Christine! Everyone expresses themselves differently. Although every culture has a different way of celebrating things, they all celebrate through creation. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!


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