Day 30 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 30 is Sun Flare

sun flare, porch, flower pot, sunset

The sun setting on the deck.


If you would like to do this challenge, here is the list of the days I used. Feel free to change it up, but make sure to link back to my blog if you do this.

  1. Water
  2. Bokeh
  3. Clouds
  4. Books
  5. After Dark
  6. Obsession
  7. Love
  8. Routine
  9. High Angle
  10. Childhood Memory
  11. Low Angle
  12. Sunset
  13. Cannot Live Without
  14. Eyes
  15. Silhouette
  16. Landscape/Cityscape
  17. Technology
  18. Favorite Thing
  19. Live Model
  20. Transportation
  21. Faceless Self Portrait
  22. Inspirational
  23. Pattern
  24. Animal
  25. Food
  26. Close-Up/Micro
  27. Action
  28. Hands
  29. Black and White
  30. Sun Flare

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