Wednesday Post

This is one of Emily’s many poems about death. Do you have a favorite poem that deals with the subject of death?

  #  360

Death sets a Thing significant

The Eye had hurried by

Except a perished Creature

Entreat us tenderly


To ponder little Workmanships

In Canyon, or in Wool,

With “This was last Her fingers did” –

Industrious until –


The Thimble weighed too heavy –

The stitches stopped – themselves –

And then ’twas put among the Dust

Upon the Closet shelves –


A Book I have  a friend gave –

Whose Pencil – here and there –

Had notched the place that pleased Him –

At Rest – His fingers are –


Now – when I read – I read not –

For interrupting Tears –

Obliterate the Etchings

Too Costly for Repairs.


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