The poem that I didn’t want to post, but did.

Lord, is it I?

Lord is it I who would betray you
Is it I that will abandon you now
Jesus is it me that will leave you
In your greatest moment of need
Will I turn my back and be silent
Leave You with a kiss of death
Lord is it I
Supping with You only to smear Your name
Will I give You up to the world tonight
Along with all of Your promise of hope
For thirty pieces of silver or gold
Turn my back after walking by Your side
Lord is it I



I didn’t want to put this out there. I didn’t want to even hint that I have ever felt this way.
But, if you have any kind of a relationship with Jesus, I think you wonder this at some point.
Peter was The Rock that God built his church upon, and even he denied Jesus. So I guess I’m in good company.


3 thoughts on “The poem that I didn’t want to post, but did.

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  2. Very thought-provoking!
    Day by day, opportunity by opportunity, we face this question. Sometimes the answer is Yes. And not even for thirty pieces of silver. Sometimes just to save ourselves from a little embarrassment, a sneer, or the shame of being labelled “one of those religious nuts.”


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