Purple Petals

johnnie jump ups in full bloom

purple petals

sway in the wind proudly

above dead mulch

I was told a long time ago, by a lady with lots of followers, not to explain my haiku. However, I think this one might need some explanation, so I am going to do that. This haiku came to me one day, a couple of years ago, when I went outside to weed my flowerbed after reading about the WBC and their latest protest. (In the spring and summer I weed my flowerbeds to blow off steam.) They are the ones that protest against American soldiers, as well as gays, you’ve seen their signs. It just amazes me that they disrespect the soldiers that give them the right to protest. Let me clarify, I don’t agree with anything that they say or how they say it. But I am always surprised when people get mad at soldiers. I understand being mad at the Government and seeing godlessness there, but the majority of soldiers are faith-filled and join the military because they love their fellow countrymen. If it wasn’t for the soldiers that went to battle and died for us we would not have the rights that we do. The Westboro “Baptist Church” is a disgrace to Baptists churches, really all churches everywhere, and they are a disgrace to our country. But I pray for them because I know that God is moving in that church. It has become smaller in recent years. Even some family members of the preacher that leads them have left. I hope that when people see pictures of them holding their signs, or actually see them standing on the side of the road, that they know that this is a small group of people and 80% of Christians do not act like that. In fact most Christians that read their Bible and attend church on a regular basis are continually embarrassed by the WBC.

Also, mulch keeps your flowerbed moist and helps your flowers to grow. It is not pretty but it is necessary and probably does not get the thanks that it deserves.


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