The hue of it is Blood –

autumn, treeline, behind a fence, leaves turning



The name – of it – is “Autumn” –

The hue – of it – is Blood –

An Artery – upon the Hill –

A Vein – along the Road –


Great Globules – in the Alleys –

And Oh, the Shower of Stain –

When Winds – upset the Basin –

And spill the Scarlet Rain –


It Sprinkles Bonnets – far below –

It gathers ruddy Pools –

Then – eddies like a Rose – away

Upon Vermillion Wheels –

I love the way Emily Dickinson talks about the way the leaves change. Have you ever noticed that the Maples often turn red from the tops down? It looks like giants have fought. Maybe the giants Winter and Summer, and the Winter giants slashed the Summer giants open and their blood was spilt on the trees as they fought and died. Maybe that is why the trees turn red before winter takes over?


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