In the Silence

worship service, church, pew, sitting in church, house of God

In The Silence

In the silence I find you.
Not in the humming of the church choir.
Not in the shout of a preacher.
Not in the rustle of paper
as I read my devotional book.
But in the silence.
Your voice comes soft.
It eases my soul
and fills every void
left by this raging world.
It washes over me
like the cold creek water
that washed my body
the day I was baptized
in Your name.
In the silence I find you
I hear you call my name.

*God’s voice can be heard anywhere, but in the silence I hear it clearly.


Being a college student I do not have the money to enter poetry contests so I’m going to start sharing my poems on here again, where they will actually get seen. I think I will keep sharing Emily Dickinson on Wednesdays and share my long form poetry on Tuesdays. Scroll down and sign up with your email to have my poems come to your inbox. It would also encourage me to share my poems more if I get more likes and shares. 🙂


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