A personal poem about something that I have not dealt with.

G coloring

First of all let me say, no, I have never been connected to a school shooting. My child does not attend school yet, but he will soon attend public school. My husband is in his 12th year of teaching so when I hear about a school shooting it does affect me and I do worry about a thousand different things and scenarios. I am not going to go into detail about my feelings, and my husband’s feelings are not being spoken of or represented in any way on this blog.

Because I am a teacher’s wife and a mother, I had to write about my feelings on this subject. This poem is about how I personally feel when reporters start talking about the latest school shooting. I wrote this particular poem after a particular shooting, but I am not going to name which one it is because I am posting this poem to connect with others, not to get blog hits or your sympathy. I hate it when people sensationalize sad events to further themselves. I will never do that.

Old Questions in the News

Tears drip down faces

As blood pools on tile floors

The empty halls are silent now

As mothers scream in their homes

Empty arms hurt more

Than full arms ever could

Old questions are asked again

Agony in every syllable

We worry about the tool

Instead of the why

We should be asking

About his access to

Pats on the back

And hugs and kisses

Rather than drugs and guns

Did he ever hear

Good Job or Well Done

Or was he left with the word

Problem ringing in his ears

Was he ever shown

A book of faith

Or just a television

When children are treated

As just another person

In the way and not respected

Why are we then surprised

To see them treat others

The exact same way


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