My Best Ideas

yellow leaves, fall leaves, leaves on road

My Best Ideas

Why do my best ideas

come when I am in the shower,

and disappear with the steam

as I set foot onto carpet?

Why do they rarely come

when pen is in hand?

They float past my face

and twirl away like an autumn leaf.

I run my fingers

across the notebook paper,

but inspiration doesn’t come.

It comes while I am:

mowing the yard and can’t stop,

while I am driving somewhere

or when I am at someone’s home,

and writing would be rude.

Why don’t the ideas stay

in my hands and fingers?

Why do they slip away

like a doe across a field?



I carry a pen and some sort of paper with me wherever I go. And if I don’t have that, then I take my cell phone so I can write my poem in a text and save it to drafts. I have also texted my brother and my husband so I will have a copy of whatever poem I just wrote in my head.

What do you do to keep your ideas from slipping away?


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