Senryu from the Heart

the cross on my chest
is there to remind you
of the Jesus in my heart


Joplin Spirit Tree, green dream catcher


I hope you spent some time yesterday thinking about Jesus. It is fun to gather with family and friends and let the kids play games. It is nice to have a reason to give our kids candy. But, people often forget the reason behind certain holidays. Easter is about Jesus rising from the Grave. It is not about him hanging on the cross, it is about stopping and remembering where our hope comes from. (The tree in the picture above is the Spirit Tree in Joplin Missouri. It was painted to give hope to the residents after the tornado came through on May 22.)


2 thoughts on “Senryu from the Heart

    • I already know what dream catchers are all about. They were originally made to catch bad dreams and let only the good dreams come to you. They were made by a Northern tribe of Native Americans to begin with.


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