Rain Drops

I decided to skip Emily today in honor of Denim Day. Don’t know what that is?? Go to their Facebook page to learn more.


denim day in the usa, wear jeans, sexual violence, rape

This image belongs to Denim Day.

Rain Drops

Fear of shame

Overcomes all other fears

And we rush forward

Ignoring the shrill voice telling us

Not to go that way

Turn back, go left, halt

But we race forward

Thinking we can outrun the storm


We think we’re ahead of it

And if we smile and speak calmly

No one will know what brews inside

No one will guess what kind of

Mess we just crawled out of

So be calm and carry on

Don’t make a scene or embarrass

Anyone, especially yourself


Words floating on the breeze

Will come back and take your breath

Life will wither like the hay fields

Don’t tell, don’t talk

Let’s just avoid all that trouble

Pretend you’re okay

Fake it ’til you make it baby

A few rain drops never drowned anyone



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