Baby Boy Acrostic

Baby Boy


Best thing that ever happened

Always and forever mine

Blue Eyes like your Dad

Your smile is all I see

Big and strong

One is all I need

You completed my life.



What more is there to say?

Have you written any poetry for your children?


4 thoughts on “Baby Boy Acrostic

  1. Symanntha, even when your boy is taller than you, you’ll still remember writing this loving poem. I still recall the words to a song I made up for my first son when he was only a few days old (18 yrs ago). He liked it when I sang it to him–now we both prefer his singing.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    • Thank you Wendy! I think he will appreciate it when he is older. I am going to leave this blog up as a way for him to look back at my poetry, plus I have it all saved electronically.


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