A poem I posted for nostalgic reasons.

black and white, single rose, windowsill


I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt in quite a while.

And you didn’t even have to smile.

Once again we had a moment,

we locked eyes and didn’t comment.

I felt the stirring of a coal,

a fire locked deep inside my soul.

I think I have relapsed.

Its burning, this coal that I grasped.

I didn’t think I loved you anymore.

That I could have almost swore.

One look has shattered my world completely.

Now if I could go about this sweetly.


Here is a poem I wrote in Junior High. I think it is pretty good for a Junior High Student. Also this is my blog and part of the reason I keep doing it is so that my son and other family members can look through it to get to know me better. So every now and then I am going to subject my readers to some teenage angst.


Share your thoughts on this piece.

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