Death at a Distance

tombstone, headstone, grave,

  Death at a Distance

Rocks falling through the sky

They are ugly up close

But as they fall they are beautiful

As they burn and turn in the night sky

They are a sight to behold

We find death beautiful and over too fast

When it happens in the sky



Here is an early small stone poem of mine. I hope you guys are liking these little diddies. Make sure to press like if you are! If something strikes a chord in you leave me a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Death at a Distance

  1. I see a cemetery, but I think this poem needs a different picture to bring its meaning across more clearly. Are you referring to a volcano spewing out lava? Death in the sky how? Flaming rocks hitting birds? Falling on people?
    (Sorry — now that I read your tags I see you’re referring to meteors. I’m rather dense, but this doesn’t come across from just reading the poem.)


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