Kids Today

crepe mertle flower bud


Adults always say,

“You’ll understand, someday.”

Well lately I’ve come to see,

That some adults are less mature than me.

Kids!” they say with a scorn,

I was doing this before you were born!

Well that may be true when it comes to play,

But they can’t help us get through the day.

They say they know so much more

They haven’t seen hell at its core.

Adults from yesterday can’t help kids today.

Because they are kids themselves, in a way.



I wrote this when I was a teenager. I didn’t think adults would ever realize how different high school was for me, compared to their experience. I was surprised when a couple of women in their 50s told me in person that they thought children in high school, and even in grade school, were dealing with vastly different issues than they did. Since I have had my son I have heard many older adults and leaders, finally admit that the issues children and teens face today are more complex than what they faced.


One thought on “Kids Today

  1. This sounds like something a teen would write. 🙂 I hope you don’t someday hear the echo a few years from now when you want to help your own children and they tell you you don’t know anything about what they are going through. Because you do. You have felt many of the same pressures & temptations you own children will face as they are growing up.

    Yes, the toys change, the mediums we use change. But the principles — the guiding forces of our lives — do, and need to, stay the same or kids lose their moorings altogether. People need to resist temptations to be selfish and cruel and punch someone just as much today as they did when Solomon wrote his proverbs.


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