Death and Publishing

graveyard, headstones, cemetary, morning light



All my charming murderers

know that they are smart

They know that I am less

Maybe the next time

I am murdered

I will finally get it

This poem was written as a response to #ntitle 217 prompt from Twitter. I am going to share all of my religious/spiritual/Jesus/Christian poems that no one seems to be brave enough to publish in their journals or reviews. And yes I have tried Christian reviews but they seem to want really long poems or poems that are “edgy Christian poetry.” I sent them some poems that I thought were pushing boundaries while asking relevant questions; they did not get published. I also think that most reviews are looking for poets that have already been published elsewhere and/or have a degree in writing. In their submission guidelines they will say there are looking for fresh new writers, but I notice they publish those who have already been published.

Adam’s Helper

Adam’s helper, Adam’s mate
You could not resist your fate
A hand held out holding sin
A helper you should have been
A helper to remind of God’s Word
You acted like you hadn’t heard
You led him astray, you told him wrong
Now we weep in song
Bone of his bones, first life of living
In pain now we are giving
That was why He came to die
It was Jesus they did crucify
He was lifted for the sin of man
As well as woman
©Symanntha Renn


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