Without An Oar


Down Time’s quaint stream

Without an oar

We are enforced to sail

Our Port a secret

Our Perchance a Gale

What Skipper would

Incur the Risk

What Buccaneer would ride

Without a surety from the Wind

Or schedule of the Tide –


Have you ever had extended writer’s block? What did you do to break out of it, and do you have tips for other bloggers? is the prompt from BlogHer today.

Yes I have had writer’s block. I think everyone who tries to write words that move people gets writer’s block. I fight back by writing poetry. You can read one I wrote here. The thing that helps me when I am blocked is doing something cathartic like watching a sappy movie, or listening to music. I love music, especially songs that have great lyrics. I will listen through my playlists on Youtube or pop in an old CD when I am trying to break through writer’s block. I also follow a lot of accounts on Twitter that tweet prompts. If I can get myself to write out a 3 or 5 line poem then I can get going again. If that poem gets favorited or retweeted then I tell myself I am back to being a writer and everything is okay. So thank you to all of you who favorite and retweet my stuff, it means a lot to me.



white roses, white rose bud, rose buds, rose's bud


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