Tea Haiku

darkness in my cup
I let it steep for too long
English breakfast tea


I shared a poem the first week that I made this blog about being from the Ozarks and what that meant to me. I have decided that this poem is in its final form. I have re-written it 3 times and have had it rejected around 5 times. I am surprised that it was rejected by local people, but that is the way my life seems to go. I am sharing this because today’s prompt for National Blog Posting Month is Take a post or scene you’ve written and find a new way in by rewriting with another angle. I am tired of trying to find another angle with An Ozark Girl and several of my other poems.

mini art from Nelson-Atkins Art Museum


3 thoughts on “Tea Haiku

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  2. There’s such a fine line in continuing to take notes and make edits. Because at what point does the poem become someone else’s vision and not the writer’s?

    Your tea haiku made me taste the drink as I read it. Dark, bitter, over-steeped tea. Which I actually like. I never take the tea bag out.

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