You have to dip your cup.



Milk and Honey Floweth

Though milk and honey floweth
You still need to use a cup
Milk pours out your hands
When you try to pick it up
It won’t flow to your mouth
With no effort on your part
You have to dip your cup
This is how you start
Go down to the river
Wear your robe and crown
Don’t attempt to drink it all
Go slow or you might drown
Draw enough to fill your cup
God gave you the right size
There is no need to moan or complain
You have received your prize
Youโ€™ve been given what you needed
To make it through each week
Youโ€™re not lacking much at all
Youโ€™ve been given what you seek


Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt from BlogHer is to “Tell us about one time that you benefitted from the kindness of strangers.” This poem is an example of that. I had a thought and I tried to put it into a poem. A lady that belonged to a Christian message board that I used to frequent, helped me smooth it out, her name was Belinda van Rensburg.


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