Holding Love | A Poem

me holding G


  Holding Love

Hot tears roll down my face

As I realize

You can hold love

Grace can be felt and seen

In a smile in a hug

I can feel forgiveness

And trust

I can feel the weight of promise

As I carry him to bed

God loved me

And forgave me

He trusted me enough

To give me this child

A life to shape in His name

A legacy to grow

I never knew

You could hold love

Until my little boy

Fell asleep in my arms



When do you see love in a physical way?

Today’s prompt is Do you have a book in you? Fact or fiction? Related to your blog or totally different?

I do have a book in me, I have just decided it’s not ready to publish yet. I have some of my mommy poetry that I have been holding back so that my book will have new material in it. I have thought about releasing a book of only religious poetry, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t sell. I think selling a poetry book that is only about family will be a challenge, but I think it can be done. So my book would be mostly fact but there would be some fiction in it. Most of my poetry is based on things that I have personally experienced, but some of it is stuff I have never experienced and just wanted to see if I could write about it. If I feel like I did a good job and my close family and friends don’t hate it, I keep it. Since a book about family might do better if it encompasses all the stages of family I am going to wait a little bit longer to publish it.


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