The Beholder

hosta in the shadows

The Beholder


Black and White
Dark and Night
With a little bit of grey between
Now the picture is complete
Now here I sit in the driver’s seat
I know the lies and truths of the world
Now I’m holding the biggest pearl
And now the world begins to whirl
Truths unseen have come to pass
Now who holds the unhappy lass


Today’s prompt and the last prompt that I’m going to do is “Where do you see your blog in one year? Five years?”

In one year my blog will still look the way it does now and it will still be on the same schedule. In five years I don’t know. I will still have this blog up and running and I will still be writing poetry so I will still be updating it. Will my book be published? Will I be writing completely different poetry? Will I write an eBook or start writing flash fiction regularly and sharing it here? I don’t know, stay tuned by following this blog through email, BlogLovin’ or the WordPress reader.


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