Remolding After Birth

Remolding after Birth

He made me as He wanted me

This is how I am to be

Twisted and turning

My back is burning

Stand up straight play along

This has always been my song


Let the Lord lead

This has always been the plea

Listen to Him let it go

This process has been slow

It was not always easy to trust

But having faith is a must


Put it in His hands

Those fingers made the lands

He created the earth and the stars

He was ready for your scars

He knew that the cuts would be made

He saw you hiding in the shade

‘I saw you beneath the tree

Now come out and walk with glee’


Stepping out was never easy

The pain wasn’t measly

Take my hand Lord lead me on

Show me the breaking of the dawn

Pull me onward show me how

Wipe the sweat from my brow


Love me even when I shy away

Show me how I am to pray

Bring me low and break me down

Make me fit to wear a crown

Remold me and shape this earth

It is worth all the hurt

I know you love me bring the pain

I will trust in you though I am slain

the sun setting over a field, the sky changing color, pink sky


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