A quote about change.

People change and forget to tell each other.

-Lillian Hellman


Some of the quotes I post are long and rambling, but I really love it when a person can sum up so much in such a short sentence. I think this quote explains why people fall out of love, and why friendships end. I think people change fairly slowly and they don’t realize how impactful change is when people have gotten used to your personality and your habits.


One thought on “A quote about change.

  1. I really like this thought!

    I wonder if sometimes we even forget to tell ourselves we’ve changed? My elderly cousin told me she doesn’t want to go into an assisted living place because “I don’t want anyone else cooking for me. I still want to prepare my own food.”
    In reality she eats at restaurants whenever possible and prepares almost nothing in her apartment. She buys groceries with which to make meals, but they spoil in her fridge. Her mind hasn’t hasn’t caught up with her current reality. 😦


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