Frozen Smile

Viet Nam Sculpture

Viet Nam War Memorial Statue

frozen smile
meditative posture
lying Buddha statue


I didn’t have a picture of a Buddha statue so I picked a picture of a statue that invokes lots of different feelings.


5 thoughts on “Frozen Smile

  1. I’m wondering if you wrote this in response to a challenge or prompt about statues? The poem suits the image of a smiling Buddha, though the last line would puzzle readers. But in my mind that image clashes big time with a statue of US marines — who aren’t smiling.

    Hope you will pardon this honest critique. I believe you could do well in coming up with a poignant thought to go with this photo, but IMO leave Buddha out. The stretch of “Image of Peace” and “Image of no peace” is a just too far.


    • I wrote this poem in response to a picture of a Buddha I saw as I was scrolling through Twitter, not a prompt.
      I like using my own pictures, but I didn’t have one of Buddha. I don’t like to use photos from the Internet because I’m not going to pay to use someone else’s when I have hundreds of my own. I know that there are sites that offer free photos but I usually don’t like what they have for free.


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