Art Gallery Senryu

dad in the museum, father in art gallery, dad looking at artifacts

modern art gallery
my dad critiques
the farmer setting a corner post

The picture above is of my dad in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art looking at artifacts in the ancient art collection. I was too busy to get a picture of him next to the piece that this poem is about while we were in front of it. On the way to the museum, I was telling him about how in the contemporary gallery of art, there is a video of this man setting a corner post. It is a video that plays on a monitor that is mounted on the wall of the gallery. The question the piece poses is: can anything done well, or done with passion, be called art? I would say yes, I think my dad and my brother disagreed. So did my husband. My dad watched the video for a little while (I think it is 2 hours long) and said something about how the farmer actually hadn’t done the best job. I just loved that moment and I was really enjoying myself that day and this little haiku came to me. So I wrote it down in a text message and sent it to my husband. When we visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum and Crystal Bridges last year, that is what I did to save my short poems. When we got home I looked through my sent messages and wrote them down.


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