Cultivating – Let NaPoWriMo begin!

thorns of the washington hawthorn, hawthorn tree without leaves


pruning the hawthorn
I keep finding new buds
and wayward branches
resistance is futile
against my stubbornness


So I decided I better try going with a theme if I am going to pull this off! I am going to do Tankas or Cinquains for this month, and only do haiku if it feels right. I would like to write a few longer poems but we will see where the prompts take me.

I have also decided that instead of writing a poem for 3 different prompts every day, I am going to try to write for the PAD Challenge first. If I can’t write for their prompt, then I will try someone else and post it here. I will also use the prompts that you can find on Twitter retweeted by   and . I may write three or 4 poems a day, but to keep things simple I will only be posting the PAD Challenge poems here. If I cannot write for that prompt, then I will share whatever I do write on that day. Follow me on Twitter to keep up!


3 thoughts on “Cultivating – Let NaPoWriMo begin!

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