Mowing it down! Day 3 of NaPoWriMo

grass clippings, mowed yard, lawn mowed

lawn mower comes out

makes them all even again

the grass and the weeds

I had intended to write for a lot of prompts on Twitter yesterday and today, but I think I am getting sick. At first I thought it was just the barometric pressure rising and falling quickly with the Tornadoes and storms, but I have felt feverish and chilled and back to feverish today. So anyway, I did manage to make a half way decent haiku for today’s PAD Challenge. If you wrote something and want to share a link to it, post it in the comments.
I am going to crash on the couch, I hope to post something for you tomorrow. My weekend is going to be full of Easter activities. I may not have time to post my poems to my blog. But I will get them all up by Monday night, so be sure to follow this blog with your email, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

One thought on “Mowing it down! Day 3 of NaPoWriMo

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