Short Easter Poem


Do you know the cost of what is lost?
Do you know the price for that vice?
He bled so you wouldn’t be dead.
Take heed, forget your greed!

I had this go through my head one day and decided to write it down because it rhymed. Maybe it is only prose, maybe it’s a really bad short poem. Some people think that if a poem rhymes that it’s corny or too sweet. Either way I wanted to share it, since my blog contains most of my short poems. I will be sharing the rest, so stay tuned!

daffodil, spring flowers, springtime flower


2 thoughts on “Short Easter Poem

  1. You start with interesting questions, but the four lines don’t fit together well because the last two lines–especially that last line—are each separate statements that could be developed. IMO you have the makings of several short poems here.


    • I may try to expand this later. I always feel my poems are too short, but I don’t like throwing in fluffy words just to get a long poem. It is a constant battle for me to decide when a word is fluff and when it adds feeling to the poem.


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