Truth and Dare on Day 8 of #NaPoWriMo

Let me start today off with a little truth. The PAD Challenge today is write a dare poem. Yesterday’s challenge was “Two for Tuesday” where we could have written two poems. We could have written a love poem and an anti-love poem. The anti-love poem was easy but I just couldn’t get a love poem to come out. I did actually want to write one. This is a challenge month and I like to complete every day, but I just couldn’t get the happy lovey juices flowing. So I gave up and posted what I had. Today I managed to get out a love poem. If you look through my categories, you will find a category called “My Love Poems” I named it that because my love poems are different from most poets. So there you have it. Some truth and dare from me. I am not entirely happy with this poem. I always struggle with the love poems. I may revise this one later.



  The Dare
I dared you to trust me
I dared you to hope
I dared you to risk
your future by giving it to me
I dared you to take me
with you on your journey
I dared you to tell me
your family secrets
and the childhood ones too
I never had to demand truth
so I stuck to dares
I dared you physically
I dared your emotions
to stay in check
I dared you to stay in the limits
then I dared you to rip up the manual
My dares haven’t always made sense
but you’ve always been game

3 thoughts on “Truth and Dare on Day 8 of #NaPoWriMo

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