How Flowers Work on Day 10 of #NaPoWriMo

yard, child playing in yard, front yard, flowerbed in front yard

  How Flowers Work
they sprout before you realize it’s time
for them to even be growing
their leaves multiply
and they change color
while you’re pulling weeds
away from them
they start growing in a weird direction
you have to use string, trellises,
and other tools to train them
to grow in a healthy direction
you want your yard to
look better than the neighbor’s
they are pretty when they bloom
except that they aren’t the color
they were supposed to be
and they are taller than you planned
but they are yours
and they are beautiful



I subconsciously seem to be combining the prompts of the April 2015 PAD challenge. Yesterday’s prompt was “work” and I added that to today’s prompt which is to write a “How” poem. I also seemed to add Day 7 to Day 8. What do you think of my poem today? Leave me a comment here on the blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, or G+ or wherever you find convenient.


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