Triage on Day 11 of #NaPoWriMo

dianthus star mound,golden rain forest tree sapling,phlox,flowerbed with statues

How my flowerbed looked last June.


choosing which plants

to kill and which to keep

flowerbed triage

I worked in the flowerbed today. I had to pull up little seedlings. If I don’t stop some of the more robust plants from spreading then my smaller flowers that don’t grow as well get overtaken. I have also been having to do triage with prompts. There are hundreds, possibly a thousand, prompts on Twitter. With summer coming, I don’t have time to write a poem for them all even though I would like to. On April 9th I wrote for several prompts on Twitter. So far this month I have written 27 poems. How many poems have you written this month?


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